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This is the scene at the Barnes & Noble in Boston. Our beloved book is finally out, and should be in all stores by tomorrow. The big push comes in January (more big piles like this one) but you can get it now, thank heaven. And it is not that bad. Pretty darn good, in fact. Jen and I are proud as peacocks. And relieved? Oh, my.

We were hosted at book parties in New York and Boston last week… that was great fun. HIGHLIGHT: at the Boston party there was a beautiful young girl (who turned out to be in her early teens) who apparently got bored with the grown-ups and went off in a corner to read. To read THINNER THIS YEAR, as a matter of fact. And here’s the kicker: she was laughing out loud. This beautiful young girl, with the book in her lap, laughing away. I couldn’t help myself… walked over and asking what in particular had made her laugh. She looked up, a little surprised, and said, “Lots of things.”
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Get a copy… see what you think.  See if it makes you laugh…. And learn some good stuff. And if you like it at all, do by all means write a review for Amazon… keep the Revolution rolling along. Chris

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