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As some of you have read, I have had a rotten hip for a year or so. And a couple of you recently mentioned A-Rod (N.Y. YAnkees star) and the fact that he was having his hip diagnosed and operated on in Vail Colorado by this famous, young hip surgeon, Marc Phillipon.

By a nice coincidence, I had already been steered to Dr. Phillipon. I went to see him last week and was nuts about him. Best of all, he diagnosed my problem (first one to do so) and says he can fix it. I hope to go back out west shortly to have him take a shot…it is a matter of removing a tiny bone spur and repairing a tear in the labrum. Same problem, more or less, as A-Rod had. And the same operation.

You may be amused to hear that I saw A-Rod himself out at the Vail clinic, in recovery mode. He looked fine to me. Hope he is.

Pretty big deal. My operation is said to take up to four hours and will have me on crutches for 2-8 weeks. Hey…I’d do damn near anything to fix this sucker. Real tired of it.
I came home to NYC yesterday but hope to go back out west soon to have Phillipon operate. Here’s hoping.

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