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The “menu” for workouts in Aspen is a little different from the normal world. On Sunday, for example, Hilary and I wanted to do a real “long and slow” before a tiring, three day trip to New York and back. So we got our cross country skis and went up to the Maroon Bells, one of the most beautiful places in Colorado.
It is a 13 mile round trip…and plenty steep most of the way. Took me 2 1/2 hours up…1 1/2 hours down for a total of 4 hours, on skis. Hilly was a little longer. My heart rate was between 70 and 80% most of the way up and, surprisngly, 80% almost all the way down (you have to pole and glide). Not a bad workout.
And here’s the other thing: almost every inch of the way is so beautiful you cannot believe your luck.
And, if you get too crazy about yourself, there were half a dozen people who sailed past us on skate-skis. Yikes! They are truly fit.

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