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After the election

Back in New York after the election. Went to Florida, like good citizens, to help get out the vote. We’re New Yorkers of course so we’re a bit stunned and saddened with the result. Guess we should have worked harder. Or someplace else. But here are two thoughts: first, we sure are in for an interesting time…and God grant wisdom to the new President. It is the miracle of our Republic that he’s ALL our President now.img_1254

And here is some great advice: if you’re for Trump get in great shape. You’re going to need all your strength to make wise changes And if you’re not, then get in even better shape, especially cardio. Aerobic exercise is the great antidote to depression, regret and despair. So jump on it

Taking my own advice – and feeling better for it. – I just went to spin class and went absolutely nuts. Feel much better. Now on with our lives.


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