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It’s turning to winter in these damn hills. The temperature is a whopping 45 degrees at noon on a sunny day. Also, cruel wind. Okay, here’s a LIFE TIP… with LARGER IMPLICATIONS.
Go out the door, anyway. Dress carefully (that’s one of the things you’ve learned) and throw your leg over the bike (even row the single if you’re really nuts) but motivate yourself.
The upshot: there’s a weird bounce-back from being the Great Guy and going out when it’s border-line nasty. It motivates you to do more tomorrow. Maybe the next day. Maybe the rest of the wretched month. Not bad. You’re not just some old plop, as the mirror suggests.
You’re a great guy.

IN THE SAME VEIN, it gets harder to go out the door* in any weather *as you get older. You have to do it by brute will-power, sometimes. But here’s the thing: if you do some dumb stunt (like going for a long bike ride in crummy weather) you start to think of yourself differently. You become a bit of a HERO of your own life. And, who knows, it may lead to a touch of heroic behavior. Or at least it may get you out the door instead of to the couch.
Go for it!

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  1. chris harvey

    This is so true. The other day, before going to our fitness class in the dark, I told my wife we didn’t have to go. Its dark, I feel stiff, I am 77, I mean.
    She just looked at me, we went, it was so much fun, we had some good laughs.

  2. John Knox

    I’m afraid that Chris is……absolutely right.
    When conditions [lack of daylight, too much rain,strong winds, being “tired” or “not Ready”, etc] are helping your mind to decide AGAINST doing your routine outdoors………GO DO IT ANYWAY.

    I’m 66, I’m a Fitness Coach near Venice Beach. No, snow isn’t a concern but there are still TONS of reasons that are used [and I’ve personally used EVERY ONE] to persuade yourself that…..tomorrow will be a better time.

    I’ve been out on the sand at night, or in real strong ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ winds, and have worked out when I KNEW I didn’t have the strength. I’ve done the high noon Sand Runs when my schedule only left me the choice of: Do it now or wait a few days.
    A funny thing DOES happen, once I make the transition and get my butt moving:
    When I’m out there, it’s NEVER as bad as my mind painted it to be and……I honestly wonder WHY no one else is out here!
    This all brings me to this point: Just Show Up.
    You’ll be glad you did!!!
    Do you modify your routine for the conditions?
    You bet.
    Do you benefit from transcending your mind’s dictums?
    You bet.
    Was you mind wrong again?
    You bet.

    If you ONLY learn that one point: Your MIND is not always correct or even well-informed when it comes time to make decisions at Workout Time.

    If Hot Lava is flowing where you are….OK, use Judgement on that day.

    But you’ll find [I PROMISE you] that getting your butt out the door, even for a modified routine, will make you FEEL phenomenal.
    [Be the guy who’s out there doing it….maybe you’ll scoop up some of the begrudging admiration vibes coming from folks who see you….especially when they sense the SMILE coming from you!]

    And that’s one of the Main Reasons for staying with Working Out….it helps you to Feel Phenomenal.

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