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We’ve been roaring away for years about the wonder of exercise. Here’s a weird new piece: In today’s Times, there’s an article about HOW exercise works its magic. Turns out that the answer may be that it actually “changes the shape and function of our genes” in critical ways that make everything better. Just how this occurs is still unclear. That it DOES occur is not. Exercise is the single great key to the good life. Now and forever. By the way, the new science of this stuff is called “epigenetics”. Isn’t that adorable?

You might want to try to remember that as we waddle into the holidays: eat and drink yourself stupid (I intend to) but keep up with the exercise just the same. It’ll save your life. And make it easier to start over in the New Year. Ho Ho Ho Chris

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  1. Lynn Buhler

    Hello Chris,
    I trust you will see this morning’s WSJ article about exercise and the brain. It brought you and Harry to mind.
    I make it a point to read your book once each year and to give it to friends whenever I have an opportunity.
    It amazed me to find what a difference it made to take my (mostly) healthy diet and exercise program from a good solid “B” (maybe a “B-“) to an “A” (an amateur’s A ). Thanks again for all you have done for me and so many others. It is always good to see that you are having so much fun with your second career. Hazard would be proud of you!
    All the best, Lynn

    • administrator

      Hi Lynn
      Thanks… great note. I have already read that WSJ piece twice (and sent it to Harry). Such a good piece, and such good news.
      YOU are good news too, reading YNY once a year. Not a bad idea.
      And I’d like to think that Hazard (my wonderful law firm mentor who died, fit, at 100) would approve. BEst Chris

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