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This morning we are up to our armpits in blinding snow and freezing wind. But yesterday was a little different. That’s m on the beach in Naples Florida, winding down after a high-energy talk to 500 CEO’s at the elegant Ritz hotel, a few minutes before. (I asked the bartender for a “silly drink” and got everything but the paper umbrella)

Talking to 500 people is not scary for me, but these people were a little daunting. It was a group of major Catholic business leaders and the emphasis of their SUMMIT was religious values in their business lives. I followed a woman who talked about chastity. Yikes!
The chastity advocate had a parable: someone leaves the gate open and a bunch of sheep keep getting out, fall off a cliff and are badly hurt. Everyone is busily trying to patch up the sheep until someone says, Why don’t we just shut the gate? OH! I get it.

When I stood up I said, “I give a lot of talks, but I have never followed a chastity advocate before. It is, however, a subject of which I have a certain, collateral knowledge. I was married at 19, as a freshman in college. Someone had left the gate open.” That caught ‘em.

I am not Catholic (or religious), and I slightly wondered what I was doing there. The answer was that the founder of the organization was a serious YNY fan, and he thought he’d take a chance. Good for him. Good for me.

The best speaker of the weekend was New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Smart, funny, persuasive. Blew my sox off. His best line, for me, was: THE GLORY OF GOD IS MAN FULLY ALIVE.” He said a lot of amazing things but that one won my heart. Later, I quoted the line, and said, “I know shamefully little about the spiritual life. But I do know something about MAN (being) FULLY ALIVE. That’s what the next hour is all about.” It put our message in their context and they ate it
up with a spoon. Wonderful audience. Great fun.

It was not a cheap trick, by the way. I am not one bit religious, but I believe with all my heart in the near-sacred importance of MAN FULLY ALIVE. That’s what the books and the talks – and much of my life these days – are all about:

Serious business, kids. And FUN! Go get yourself a drink. Chris

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  1. Babysteps

    Spouse is just starting to read your book and is definitely motivated 🙂
    Yesterday we were on a long drive so I was reading out loud (chapters 3 ish to 6 ish).

    One thought that came to me and is germaine to this post – you could do a YNY version with a Christian bent in cahoots with a theologian. You would be surprised how “Man Fully Alive” and assuming God as creator works equally as well as evolution to explain many of the concepts.

    Not saying one or the other is the only explanation – kind of like geometry, where Euclidean and hyperbolic geometry are both valid, just different ways to explain physical reality.

  2. Suzanne

    I love the book. Started the program yesterday I turn 70 next year and I am determined to be better I had a question. I have lupus and have been averaging 3 surgeries a year have had 2 so far this year. I tend to want to just jump in but sadly my body just won’t go. I know I can walk 2 miles But was hoping to start out at 4. Here’s my question. Since my body is always in breakdown. Lupus Epstein bar bad kidneys. Inflamed yada yada yada. Will the exersize eventually get to the 10

  3. Al Langsenkamp

    I was one of the 500 CEO’s at Legatus. Having just sold my business at 55 (offer I could not refuse) your talk could not have come at a better time for me. At 46 I had 6 coronary bypasses (230 lbs). Since that wake up call I have been younger each next year with consistently improving stress test results. (Now 186 lbs)

    Your talks and subsequent audible book cemented what I have been working on for the last ten years and give a solid how-to for the program. My new job is being younger next year. The book made it all clear. Hoping my wife will embrace the YNY for women as we approach our second 30 years together.

    Good work and keep evangelizing your message.


    • administrator

      Al, I am so glad to hear from you. In general that was a slightly difficult group to read. I am tickled that you heard and that it was some help to you. Come on out to one of our Aspen Retreats some time. Be nice to see you Chris

  4. Craig Bryan Johnson

    I bought a copy of your book in the mid 2000’s & have followed your extreme exercise philosophy ever since – what can I say: I just turned 64 & I feel stronger & healthier than 15 years + ago ( can’t recall exactly how fit I was before then! ) I am in my 37th year of distance running & entered to do the Blue Mountains North Face 50 KM in May – did it for first time last year & I feel even younger & fitter this year.
    Keep up your good advice thanks for changing my life.

  5. Natalia Weatherbie

    Why not exercise 7 days per week?

  6. Have read your book a number of times and always reach for it for continued inspiration. Many thanks!

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