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Hello Chris and staff, I am 58, 5’8″ 200 lbs. And although you have seen worse BMI’s, I was 80 lbs heavier twelve short months ago!

As a former athlete, runner, and regular exerciser, I knew what needed to be done – but my career had consumed my life. I was on a path to self destruction.

Luckily, a job change freed up some time and I started from scratch in January 2014. I began with 15 minutes on the treadmill, s-l-o-w-l-y worked up 60 minutes plus in a few months. But, the meaningful progress began when a close friend – 76 years old and going strong – suggested YNY. Workout frequency, intensity, and focus increased. I averaged twelve pound weight loss the last four months of 2014. I will reach reach my goal of 160 lbs, my college weight, and return to running.

Also, thanks to guidance and motivation do Thinner This Year, my cardiac risk factors are better controlled.

I have discussed your books and philosophy with several friends hoping they will take the leap to better health.

With sincere appreciation,

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