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Probably only lawyers will give a damn about this but I spoke to the American Collge on Saturay, down in Palm Springs, and it was a major kick in the pants.

Very very serious crowd…300 or 400 of the very best lawyers in North Ameria…and an even hotter group of speakers. New head of the ABA (a sensational woman and a great speach), a judge on the supreme cocurt of Canada and one of the best speaker I’ve ever heard. And Admiral Bobby Inman, a leader in the Intelligence field for the past thirty years and one of the smartest speakers i have ever heard. Just terrific.

Against that background, I was uncharacteristically shy for a bit but rejoice to say the audience went simply nuts about the Younger Next Year stuff. It reminds me that thi here revoltion we talk about IS serious business and serious people have penty of time for it. Makes sense when you think about it.

And wow was the whole thing fun.

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