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Chris and DawnHilly and I are on the plane to New York after a couple of days at the current Aspen Club/YNY RETREAT and we – like most of our guests –are starry-eyed. First it was the height of leaf season… golden aspen trees in all directions, in the mountains and in the town. It was the most beautiful I have ever seen it. And the events themselves just get better and better. We’ve had the best, most cutting edge exercise theorists and trainers in the country, from the beginning. But now we are getting better at presenting them. And going deeper into areas that have not been a focus in the past. Like stress… what it does to us and what we can do about it. SUCH important stuff. Christine Miller M.D. – who is leading that effort – is also taking us into how to cook great stuff that is great for us. Not just great lectures but demo meals (in excellent, tall chef’s hats!BLOV) that were a revelation.


The guests themselves are a joy, always. One of them took me aside, after one day, to say that the event – which he expected to love – had wildly exceeded his expectations. Mine too. So proud, I tell you.


Here’s an interesting insight into these weeks: One guest said that Michael Fox and I (he owns the club) are a slightly odd but effective couple… a bit like Harry Lodge and me. We are very different people, care like crazy about these events, and are close friends, which carries its own magic. For whatever reasons – including the rock-solid soundness of Younger Next Year – these weeks are remarkable. And we are all as proud as can be. Think about joining us next spring. Or at one of the shorter regional Retreats (the first is next week in Lakeville Ct) that we mean to bring on next year. Pretty good stuff.


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