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Hilly and I were hiking Sunday at 11,000 feet, in the mountains above Aspen. Magical in the fall leaves, the astonishing vistas… and great exercise, especially at that altitude. (The day before I biked The Maroon Bells, a 30 mile round trip, ten of ‘em almost straight up; not a cinch at altitude, believe me. Heart rate at 80-85% of max all the way)

Crossing a stream… a rock shifts… down I go. Pretty hard: Bloody lip, twisted thumb, bloody knees. I am going to look a little goofy at a talk tomorrow in Halifax Nova Scotia.

I don’t mind that but I do mind this: I am in decent shape but I am not sure I would have fallen that hard, 20 years ago. I landed hard and felt seriously disoriented for a moment. I think that’s new. It may have been a demonstration of what Billy Fabrociini says: as we get older, the margin for error shrinks, no matter what. We have to be more careful. Rats! I hate that. But I suspect it’s true.

On the other hand, if I had not been in decent shape, it would likely have been a lot worse. Instead of a fat lip, I would have had a mouth full of bloody chicklets. Whatever… it is a joy to be deep in the hills at my tender age. If I have to slow down a hair, fine. But I ain’t quitting. No, no, no.

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  1. I can SO relate! Last summer, I was zipping out of my house like I have for over 60 years when my legs got tangled and down I went off the curb into the street. At least you were doing something adventurous! Keep on rockin Chris!
    The Essential Boomer

  2. Ines Nido

    You know, I’m 51-almost 52-I’ve been in shape most of my life even though I’ve gone through some pretty tough physical setbacks, but I admire that you in your 80’s are in such great shape. Me in my early 50’s and all I really do keep up with is my morning routine of stretching and core exercises. How do you keep yourself so motivated to keep doing such harsh aerobics. I know that is the key to staying young inside and feeling good as well, but it’s so darn difficult to keep motivated. How do you do it?! I keep reading the younger next year for women book. That helps some, but I would like to know YOUR secret. Anyway, keep up the keeping on. God bless you.

    Ines Nido

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