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Got to Aspen yesterday for a MONTH of skiing…awfully nice kedge. First day: a little scary…snowing hard, can’t see squat and lots of bumpy new snow. Almost no one on the mountain and most of them having coffee in lodges. Welcome all 72 year old skiers!

Was careful for a bit…feeling my way the way we should at this stage. Then had the nice luck to meet two guys, age forty, from New Jersy, Russell and Matt, in gondola. Got to chatting…decide to take a run together. Show-off juices start to flow and off we go. One temperate run (they both ski well and one is a serious, serious exercise guy) and then get into it. Down the steep and bumpy North Star…through the glades and on and on SUCh a pleasure. and they are great company. Not totally going for it but not bad. And they did not have to wait…No No No.

The point, my dear friends: you can do this stuff, hard, with “kids” of forty…be younger next year for quite a damn long time. And, mercy! is it fun. Jeff makes my day, panting at a stop: “Boy, hope I’m doin’ that at 70! …ing awesome!”

That’s all folks! Do this boring stuff and your life in your 70’s can be …ing awesome

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