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Excellent news: Harry, who has been mysteriously absent from his very own web page is back, big time. He’s posting articles and his Ask Harry piece will be up and running shortly. As a blogger said, We need you, Harry. And we do. He is the brains of the outfit and thank God he’s carving some time out of his nut-case schedule to dive in.

And I’m off. Not off the site, just out of town for an amazing six weeks of skiing in Aspen. Talk about the good life in retirement, this is the stuff. The car comes at 8 this morning, the snow is tumbling down in the Rockies right now, and Hilary and I will hit Denver by about noon, Denver time. Olive, the new Havanese, sees snow for the first time. Hilly and I get to go nuts in one of the prettiest places in this country for a long, long time. Two lectures in the middle but mostly just play…at the very high end. Trying to make it a bit of a kedge, too, to crank up my (pretty good) fitness over the next month and a half. But mostly reap the sensational rewards of all those early mornings in the gym. I’ll let you know if it still works at 72.

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