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Aspen YNY Retreats

The Aspen Retreats have always been a joy to me. I’ve been to every hour of every one of them.  Love to see “the  book” in action, and love to see the guests, changing before my eyes.  But I am particularly tickled about the ones that are coming up this June and September. Because these are going to be the living embodiment of  my new book, “THINNER NEXT YEAR, the Younger Next Year Diet and Exercise book.” That book – which I’ve been working on for the last two years with Tufts professor of nutrition and exercise physiology, Jennifer Sacheck  – won’t be in the stores until December. But we’re done, pretty much. Still doing some edits and some of the illustrations, but the content has been written. And, in candor, we’re nuts about it. Hard book to write… good one to read, is my guess. Lots and lots of solid detail about HOW TO live the good life in the Third Act. YOUNGER was a broad, strategic book. THINNER is a more focused, tactical book. And we are bringing those tactics to Aspen for those weeks. It is an all-new program, tied deeply into the new  structure of THINNER.  The overall message and results are the same: being younger next year and for a long, long time to come. But the details are new and electrifying. A very new look at how to eat and why. How to loose weight and eat soundly. A new look at exercise too… a very new look. More even than in the past… the Aspen Week will arm and motivate you for the rest of the year. Show you in depth how to live a great life, in the Third Act. Chris

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