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One of my basic reasons for re-doing the web site (and for having a web site at all) was to try to facilitate the creation of a COMMUNITY of people who had gotten into YNY a bit (and, down the road, into the new book, THINNER NEXT YEAR) and wanted to talk about it. The importance of “community” in general was, you will remember, one of the core concepts in YNY, and we thought the site could be a real help in trying to create and support a community of like minded men and women who cared about being younger next year… and all the rest of it.
The old site did a surprisingly good job, considering how weak and spam-besotted it was. This one should be much, much better. Hope you like it. Hope a lot of us go there. The subjects of these books are wide and deep. There’s a lot to think about and talk about. Doing it on this site should be fun. If it’s not, holler at me… we’ll fix it Chris

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  1. Todd Lindley

    After reading the YNY book, and recommending to many I meet, I purchased a heart monitor as you suggested. I noticed that my heart rate ranged between 120-150 as I went thru my routine of lifting weights. My question is whether this routine can be counted as one of the 4 cardio days? Thank you for your attention, Todd

  2. John Freudiger

    When’s the new book coming – “Thinner Next Year”?

  3. administrator

    Hi Margaret ~ My name is Alana Appleby and I work for Chris and the Younger Next Year brand. We’re delighted you joined the community and appreciate your comments. Below are some instructions on how to post your thoughts as well as view the posts of other members. Please let me know if they are not clear, and I’m happy to arrange a phone call to walk you through them.

    1. Login
    2. You can view all users posts by clicking on the “Activity” button on community portal on the homepage.
    3. You can post your thoughts/journal activities/photos or links in your profile. Go to the homepage, click on your name (in blue) above the logout button. You will see a “what’s new, Margaret” space for you to fill in. In this place, you can also upload your profile photo (avatar), make “friends” and join groups.

    Remember that all of these functions are only possible if you are logged in. Look forward to hearing if this is clear. We are committed to making this user friendly!


  4. Margaret Taylor

    Hi Chris, I am enjoying many aspects of the new site–especially that it is much less spam-riddled than the old. I find, though, that I miss the ability to post a daily journal here and to see the logs that others choose to make public. It really created a little community for me that the twenty-somethings at the gym cannot, though I love ’em. It is especially inspiring to see others post their slips and then keep going–it has gotten me to the gym more than once to see that X or Y kept on after a “damn near died” day! I use the print journal, but the online log kept me coming to the site daily. I applaud the developments of YNY Fit and the Aspen groups, but many of the 7000 signed on here will not fall into either category. I hope there will be some aspects of the site for those of us who are chugging along in a more low-profile way. Whatever your choice, of course, you have my gratitude and best wishes! Also, nothing but admiration for the best-ever kedge in making a career that depends upon staying the course! I think you and Eric Newby are the masters, and whenever my will flags I reread you or Round Ireland in Low Gear (hmm, maybe I’ll start a Book Club Group)! Thanks again,

    • Hi Margaret,

      There is one Group here on this webisite called
      Rock The Ages.
      join them.
      Then you are linked to their wonderful website.
      When you join and log in there, you will have yourown
      I check YNY.com and the rocktheages.org
      websites everyday. There is a ton of encouraging people here to keep us motivated.
      Let me know what you think. You’ll love it I’m sure.

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