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Hilly and I are back out here in Aspen…one of the joys of retirement. Actually, if we had not already committed, we would have cancelled…out of fear of insolvency. Happily, it was too late for that and here we are, for perhaps one last glorious ski winter in the west.
This rich town is pulling in its belt, hard, these days, and the atmosphere is curioulsy nicer…people warmer and less showy. You’d think that the threat of going out of business – and a lot of ’em are facing that – would make people crabby but it’s working the other way so far. So some of the super fancy shops may go – no loss to me, I’m afraid – but the mountains are the same and they are a glory.
I’ll be working on the new book a lot of the time here. We have had a bunch of good ideas from this audience and are grateful…hope you keep it up. Thanks

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