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This is not a YNY comment but it was a nice day, today…the inaurguration. We were invited to come over and watch it by an older couple who have lived up here forever. It ‘s snowy and bitter cold up here these days but when we got there, there were about 25 of our neighbors of all ages but tilting toward 60 and above. They looked like old WASPy Republicans but they turned out to mostly Obama fans. A couple were not in great shape and had to be helped to sit down.

The great moment: when the Star Spangled Banner was sung at the end…everyone in this living room…all these older people…were on their feet, singing along. With tears in their eyes. Every one.

Remember that moment in The Deer Hunter, when they sing God Bless America? This was a little like that. Only rejoicing, not sad. Pretty good.

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