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Too much to report from the past week but here’s the short story. Spent three days with Caldwell Esselstyn (See Note from Chris on home page). An amazing guy. Not an easy regimen but what a story. More to come.

The next has nothing to do with anything except it was such major fun. Hilly and I went to Paris for dinner. Yes, friends, we flew to Paris, essentially to go to dinner.

But there was a story. Acquaintances of mine (too long to tell) happen to own Vaux le Vicomte, the largest and most beautiful, private chateau in France. Actually it is not a chateau…it is a palace. I don’t know what the difference but it’s a palace. There were 200 guests – all of them mighty snappy looking and (surpisingly) kind. We had a stunningly good time. If you are in Paris anytime soon, go out to Vaux (it is open to the public some of the time). It is the most beautiful house I have ever seen. So…it doesn’t matter, but it sure was fun. Had to tell you.

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