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Sorryto have been out of touch forever. Was persuaded to go all Apple, instead of PC, which may still be a good idea. But one result has been an email and web black out for WEEKS. Going nuts.

Anyhow, quick report. Working out and skiing in aspen the last month…hip miraculously recovered, thank God. Skiing a beat or two behind old skiing but at least I am out here and doing SOME bumps. A miracle, after the last two years.

Essy and I and others beavering away on the new b ook. VERY complicated but I begin to believe it really will work. We’ll see. lots and lots of work, for sure. And a lot of moving parts to get aligned. I am more optimistic than in a while. And…there’s some new good stuff to say that new people and old believers will get something out of. We’ll see Chris

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