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Here’s a mini-kedge that can’t be beat. Hilly and I went to 20th
Bike Camp” in Old Lyme Ct this past week. Some 60 pals (of all ages and abilities from 20-year-old professional racers to me) got together for wonderful rides (40, 50 and 75 miles), meals, drinks and so on. One astonishing couple organizes the whole thing (we pay our own way but they do a ton of work). Set the routes, do the meals etc. Slightly remarkable pair, they celebrated their 50th in his 60’s (my suggestion, I rejoice to say) and went truly nuts. He is a crazed Masters racer (30 races a year) and WAS THE FASTEST BIKER IN THE WORLD, 70 AND OVER, A YEAR OR SO AGO. They are also superb company and draw everyone to the event with their charm more than their organization… Amazing pair… amazing and magical and limbic four day kedge. Organize one of your own. Worth it.

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  1. Marty Mathis

    Outstanding. Even more so when you can do a kedge like this with your spouse.

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