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We just finished our June “YNY TOTAL IMMERSION WEEK” at the

Aspen Club (there’s another in late September) and it was perhaps the best yet.

Golden June weather that you only get in the shoulder seasons out there… fifteen

delightful guests… and the best program ever.  We are getting better at this, by

heaven, and the guests mostly go home with stars in their eyes.  And a ton of new

information and new resolve.  Jen Sacheck alone is worth the price of admission… as

is Bill Fabrocini.  They are serious thinkers about diet and exercise and, increasingly,

great presenters.  Fun too.  One of my basic ideas, back when YNY was being born,

was to have “destination and immersion” weeks like this.  HATE to boast, but I was

right.  And, of course, blessed beyond all reason in my partner, Michael Fox, owner of

the Aspen Club.  We do this stuff hand in glove.  A joy.

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  1. Chris and Team,

    The immersion week sounds like a great step beyond all of the amazing content you create. We’d love to help you continue engagement beyond Immersion weeks, using NextStep.io to maintain relationships with your participants and their wearable activity trackers (FitBits, Fuelbands, etc) – giving them personalized accountability. Let me know if you’d like to chat more. Thanks,


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