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Harry and I were in Las Vegas last week at the convention for fitness club executives (IHRSA). Fascinating session and some terrific people; the health club industry (and it is huge) is significantly made up of some pretty attrractive and well-intentioned people. Las Vega was a little hard to absorb but we were mostly in meetings and talks…not much time to lose millions. Lots of the 10,000 people present were up atr six to try out new fitness machines and workouts on the convention floor…major new toys and major fun.

Highlight: the man who persuaded Bill Clinton to talk to the group (Robin Klaus) introduced him as follows: "Many of you in this room have doubtless read the book, Younger Next Year. Well, B ill Clinton is youner this year." and so on. Nice. Very nice indeed. Got to meet Klaus later (and sign a couple of books for the Clintons). He’s one of the stars in the fitness club world and a true believer in the revolution in aging. Hope to see him soon in New York.

Harry and I got to talk to a couple of hundred, not the several thousand who heard the former president (who gave a sensational talk) but we sure had fun…and a deeply enthusiastic audience. These guys are on the cutting edge of the Revolution. Harry and I urge you more passionately than ever to join a health club as part of your regimen. It is a key step on the sacred path.

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