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Our beloved partner, co author and close friend, Henry Sears Lodge (that will be the Harry you see in these pages), is getting a decent bike. Not just a decent bike, a Ben Serotta bike…arguably the best (and certainly one of the most expensive) in the land. This is astonishing news.

Harry is not the most iron fisted person I know; he is often generous and open handed, not only with his affection but with stuff. It’s agony for him but he does it. Because he always does what is right. But he most assuredly does not lavish money foolishly on himself (for things like, oh, a second sweater or a replacement for his 20 year old bike). Not a bit of it. So when Harry buys a really high end bike for himself, he does it because it makes perfect, ellegant sense. As I have been telling him for years.

Harry’s old now…47 his last birthday. If he is going to do really serious exercise, he deserves the best. Pretty soon he’ll have it. I am incredibly proud to have nudged him into this eminently sensible and pleasing position.

The obvious point for the rest of us? Rush out the door and buy all the neat gear that you can get your mits on….and hang the expense. Boats, kayaks, tennis racquest whatever. Let ‘er rip! Harry is leading the way. HOORAY for Harry. And good news, kids: Ben Serotta still has a few of those $5000 and $10,000 bikes around. They’re going fast but they’re still around. Act promptly.

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