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Calm in Scary Times

This is just a little story, a true one, for the hell of it. Hey…we got nothing else to do.

My mentor, S. Hazard Gilllespie, was one of the best lawyers in the country, a lovely man and and a gifted story teller. His father owned a big steam yacht in the 1920’s, and had a tough Maine man to run it for him. A man of few words, as is common with that breed.
They were steaming out of Stonington into the Sound when Gillespie’s father saw a buoy that looked out of place.

“Say, Captain,” he said. “Aren’t we supposed to leave that buoy to starboard?”

The Captain didn’t look up. “Don’t you worry, Mr. Gillespie. I know every rock in this Harbor.” Then there was this horrendous crash, the ship lurched sideways and came to a nauseating stop. Again, the captain didn’t look up.

“There’s one now,” he said.

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