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There is no scientific proof that exercise helps a lot to prevent or ease COVID, although it sure seems logical…especially the part about strengthening your lungs and your circulatory system.

Whatever the facts about that, we’ve known forever that serious exercise is super for your health, effectiveness, wellbeing, intelligence, mood and just about everything else. These days, I particularly value the great mood lift one gets from both aerobic and strength workouts. Hilary’s and my situation up here in the hills is far easier than most – big house, empty streets and trails – but one still gets grumpy. Exercise is THE great antidote.

And this period of social isolation is a perfect one to embark on and get serious about an exercise regimen that will serve you brilliantly for the rest of your life.

On top of a great location, we are lucky to have a terrific barn/gym right in our backyard  that I put together years ago when I was working with Bill Fabrocini on The Younger Next Year Exercise Book. Which, by the way, is a wonderful resource if you are getting back into exercise and could use some deeply practical, cutting edge advice about what to do.

The other great resource is FITFOREVER.COM a streamed video program put together by Bill and Jeremey James, co-author with me of The Younger Next Year Back Book.

No Gym or Gear Required

I mention our barn/gym but in fact you don’t need a gym or any gear to do most of the exercises in the book and almost all of the exercises on the streamed videos. These are “whole body” workouts … the best kind, we now understand. Learning this stuff now is not a bad use of the down time we all face.

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