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We get lovely notes, all the time, thanking us for Younger Next Year and the other books. We gratefully thank the writers and usually that’s it. But here’s a particularly pleasant example. The writer and his wife read the book and became serious hikers. And then serious mountain climbers. He’s a small business owner in North Carolina; he’s trying to pull together the dough to get me to come speak. Tip: my price has just gone down. Here’s his note:

​”​I digress…I want to thank you for your work as it really changed our lives for the better. Your books triggered something in both of us that spurred us to action. I don’t know what our mountaineering has in store for us, particularly as we get older, but I’m pretty sure that we will look at our health differently from now on. And we both feel so much better each and every day.​”

Let me tell you, I live for stuff like that. Chris

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