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That’s Hilly, as we pack to head out west for a five week work and ski vacation. The work part: write the new BACK BOOK with Jeremy James (oh, boy!) and give some speeches. But the ski part is big.
Hilly is looking just at MY stuff. Four pairs of skis and boots? Yup. One for downhill. Fine. One for uphill ( or rondonais)… which means the binding works both like a tele-ski (with skins and a free heel for climbing) and a down hill ski (clamped down for the fun part) so you can walk up the mountain and ski down. Odd thing to want to do but it’s actually great fun and amazing exercise. Years ago I did it for six days across the Alps (the “Haute Route”) and loved it (90% of the time was skinning up; 10% was skiiing down…slept in huge huts, in 30″ wide spaces, 200 people to a hut. Wild.) Regular xc skis. And a pair of super skinny skate skis. The latter will probably come home unused because I find the technique so damned hard. But giving it one more shot. Here’s hoping.
The first week, we’re camping out at a pal’s ranch, down valley, where we’ll mostly work. Then on to Aspen for all kinds of stuff.

spin class leader this morning…very serious guy.

Today is a long travel day, with a night-time drive at the end. To prep a little for it, Hilly and I went to an early spin class… spun our brains out​. Tomorrow: just lie around and pant. Chris​

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