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Nice day for me. Had my annual physical with Harry…always an anxious affair…and it went pretty well. Bottom line: This stuff works. My blood pressure is 110 over 70, which is "ideal" as Harry shyly put it. And the EKG was that of an"athlete" – which I most assuredly am not. All the other folderol was great. What a break.

Incidentally, my heart attack/stroke risk is 50% LOWER than it was six years ago when I first started going to see Harry. Gotta love that. So keep this horrendous stuff up, kids…it works. Even for a big-eating, steady-drinking, pleasure piggy like me.
More nice news. Just learned that I am going to get to row (single scull) in the Head of the Charles on October 21st after all. OH BOY! That’s huge news to my particular kind of nut case. Scary but fun. Harry handed me a six page workout regimen to get ready for the race. Harry is a heavy guy.

Any tips from any of you out there about how to get ready would be most welcome.

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