*turn back your biological clock


Went to dinner last night and vaguely recognized this nice looking, older woman. She said we had met somewhere and, as a result, she had gotten the book…read it and was doing quite a lot of the recommendations.

Then, slowly, I remembered who she was and why we had met before. She was the 92 year old mother of a friend of mine and she was a walking miracle of youth, energy and enthusiasm. Married for years to a famous journalist, she started writing books heerself in her mid fifties…travel books about the places they’d been…and now she had done seven of them. Done pretty well, too. Then somehow, we got to talking about the sexual life. No details because you may guess who she is but, believe me, she was very interested oin the topic and had not led a Victorain life. Not that she was still at it…I have no idea. But she sure was interested in the topic. Interested in everything, to tell the truth, and great fun. What a break to age like that. She is my model.

If you have any good models in your own life, let us know.

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