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Sad to report that the instant relief from yesterday’s cortsone shot to my hip did not last today, in serious down-hill skiing. I was really bummed until I read the learned (and bang-on) comment of sports doc, Chris Watt (take a look if the subject interests you…he’s smart). Apparently there is a regular pattern of instant relief, then back to pain, then on to longer term releif.
But it still looks as if really long term relief will take hard work: sgtretching and strengthening an inexplicably weak, right hip joint. Well, that figures. It is the YNY mantra, after all, that great results arise from hard work, not quick fixes. There you go.

On a different topic, been sking the last couple of days with YNY regular Jim Graves. He is a lovely skier (life-long racer until recently) and very kind. He routinely hangs back with Hilary, who is a little slower. Insitst that he prefers her pace but I suspect generosity. I, of course, go screaming off to boast that I can still do this and that. And on Valentine’s Day too. Pathetic.

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