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I spent a two days in Atlanta this week with a good, solid lunatic named Rich Boggs. Boggs – my new best friend – more or less invented the STEP and the related exercise program, which swept the nation a while ago. These days he is head of something called Body Training System, a program which he sells to (and monitors for) health clubs and which they use and advertise.

If you have access to a gym that has it, try it. Especially the Group Power workout. It is weight lifting in a group, to wild music. It sounds like everything you and I don’t want in life and it is absolutely terrific. The instruction (which BTS choreographs and teaches) is great, the music is irresistable and the whole weird business is fun. Who would have thought. And – to my intense relief – it doesn’t matter how old or fat you. Amazing work-out…great while it’s going on and great when it’s over. Do this twice a week and you will have surely fulfilled your weekly weight obligation, big time. Talk about Younger Next Year…Yikes. Nice program.

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