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A close friend turned 60 the other night and got an superb bike from an inventor/bike maker friend (see photo). My pal had previously given the inventor a walker, painted in British racing green, with serious attachments.  The Birthday Bike has these excellent features.  Not one but FOUR headlights, to compensate for failing sight.  A sundial to use to time his rides.  A portable, re-chargeable nose hair clipper. A huge danger sign to alert oncoming drivers to a major hazard.  Various horns. A large-print, universal remote. Stabilizer wheels for riding in New York City. A hammer to strike suddenly-appearing deer, a particular hazard up in the Berkshires, but “legal” in New York City as well.  Finally, in response to the frequently stated view that his bikes had “everything but the kitchen sink”, a kitchen sink.

Excellent. You should have such a friend when you turn sixty.

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