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Going to Hell in December

DECEMBER IS TOUGH for people trying to stay in decent shape.  The weather is nasty…cold, wet and unwelcoming.  The nights are sprinkled with parties and opportunities to eat and drink too much and the days are apt to be busy.  So it’s easy to go to hell.

SUGGESTION: recognize this is a rough patch and fight a rear guard action.  One big defense: at least GO TO THE GYM OR OUT THE DOOR EVEN IF YOU DON’T DO MUCH WHEN YOU GET THERE.  Second, try to do some of the hectic stuff you have to do on foot, if possible, as it is in New York City.

PARTY TIP: You’re likely going to drink; I know I am. Try to limit yourself to wine, not gin and so on. It helps. Some.

CATCH A BREAK: The weather, this time of year, is not generally great. TIP: if you get some great weather, grab it. Last weekend we had wild, unseasonable snow. I had the wit to run down into the cellar and drag out my XC ski stuff. Had two of the best XC days of the year, probably.

Today, no snow… cold, wet, depressing. Went to the gym and worked out sluggishly, while the Seahawks played football, sluggishly. Not bad.

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