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Two of the coaches at rowing camp are Judy and Dick Geer, co-owners of Concept II, the oar and erg manufacturers. They come up here and coach out of the goodness of their ample hearts. Boy do they know how to row. She was on the Olympic team in 1980. I forget his story but it ain’t bad. And of course, they built this wildly popular, indoor rowing gadget which ALL rowers use all winter long. It is a goofy phenomenon: there are massive competitions i n which thousands take part. So Concept II is a great business success.

But these two sure don’t look it. They live year round up here, where it is incredibly beautiful but not crowded with MBA types or great restaurants. They live elegantly simple lives. Winter is given over to lunatic levels of cross country skiing, their other passion. Conspicuously decent and quiet people, they are certified gods in this odd field of rowing. "And you’d never guess it in a million years.

Dick is not a heavy reader. Last book he read – and enthuses about: Younger Next Year. Read it twice, as a matter of fact. How do you like that?

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