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It’s a stinky gray day, here on our lake in New Hampshire. Warm but a steady rain and it’s going to go on all day. It is, in other words, a perfect day to do the Stinky Gray Weights. Ugh.

What’s mildly interesting is how little gear you need (on vacation like me) to do them. I have two sets of hand bar bells here (10 lbs and 20 lbs) and a mat for floor exercises. Period. And I can usefully torture myself for an hour with just that stuff. Especially since I am concentrating these days on my squishy and pathetic core. Which showed off to such poor effect at the recent sculling camp. Weak core equals weak performance at all kinds of stuff. Inlcluding life, I suspect. So lots of sit ups an side ups and leg ups and twist-this-way-and-that ups. Agony and plenty important. I am ashamed at how poor my core is. Okay, gotta go lie down on the floor. And shame myself some more.

Any ideas out there for core strength improvement? love to hear.

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