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If the weather’s great, think about going outside, even if you can’t catch the prime of the day.

Yesterday was lovely up here but I was stuck at my post until five. I went out anyhow. There’s a good hill near here with a dirt road. You can dial in a decent aerobic workout, any old time, but it may not be a great idea to do it in the dark when it’s icy.

So, I am not a sensible chap. Out of here. Went up 30 minutes and down for 25, all at 60-70% of max. Carried ski poles to get upper body exercise and so I’d be less likely to fall on the icy parts.

Okay, it was dark the last half hour and a teeny bit scary. Only becuase of the modest risk of twising an ankle or breaking a leg in the ice in the dark. Could happen.

So today, I bought a pair of cheap, two-way radios. The notion is I’ll carry one and leave Hilary the other. So she and the cops will have slightly better shot at finding me if I tumble in the middle of the woods on a solo, cross country ski trip or whatever. Probable result: two more pieces of junk in the huge, useless-gear pile.

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