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Here’s a nice aerobic shot. There was deep, weird fog in the Berkshires this morning. Warm…snow on the ground…fog. Hilary and I are sick of the gym so we head out to the steep path up to the Riga Lakes in Lakeville. It is SO beautiful. Deep woods…sun slowly coming out…the roar of the mountain stream whooshing down beside the road. And just steep enough to get a great aerobic workout. 

It takes us 50 minutes to get to the clearing and the lake at the top…me going at 65-75% of my max. Check my recovery rate: 35 beats a minute, down from 145 to 110 in 60 seconds. That’s fine. Now we head down, not quite fast enough to stay over 60% so I jog just the least bit. Shuffle is more like it. Anyhow, the whole trip is an hour and forty minutes…a perfect "long and slow" day. We’re still blowing out cobwebs from our recent promo tour of England and this is a huge help. Feels good.

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