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A recurring theme for folks over 50… fall down. Go boom. Endlessly boring to the kids… endlessly interesting to the rest of us.

‘On our last ski day, I was zooming down the Back of Bell Mountain, in the trees and the bumps… happy as could be. Got back onto the easy part and, as always, it was there that I had a pretty hard tumble… landed on my shoulder. No tobbogan ride but trip to the ER… X-rays, a sling and so on. BUT here’s the nice part. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my joints lately… new exercise regimen that focuses on joint especially. As a result (I believe but cannot prove), this smack on my well-exercised shoulder resulted in a mild sprain, not a full separation or whatever. At my tender age, recovering from any sprain is a curse… being in decent shape and able to withstand a pretty severe fall is worth everything. C

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