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Fifteen Below

Two days ago, drove seven hours to spend weekend with son Tim at his place near Sugarbush, largest ski mountain in Maine. Pretty drive…a hair long. We are a dozen miles from Canada. Next stop, Arctic Circle. On last leg, saw huge moose in road. Huh. Not that common, even up here. Tim’s place is super cozy…had decent meals. The pic here is of a couple we met in bar. Somehow (not my fault) Younger Next Year came up…guy hollers (as always), “YOU wrote that book! Why, I read that and loved it.” Then calls over wife…also fan. I love it: here we are a thousand miles from anywhere and this nice couple has read YNY. Oh boy.


Here to ski…test buggered up knee. See if I need knee replacement. Good news: I can ski about as well as ever (which ain’t bad at my tender age). Also ski FREE…I am a “SUPER SENIOR”. Not so nuts about that, but hey.

Yesterday, early morning temp, as we set out for the mountain, was TEN BELOW ZERO. No problem. I’ve been dressing for cold weather skiing for a long time…have just the right gear. Knee worked ok but hurt enough so know has to be replaced. Bummer.

SMALL HITCH (SEE PHOTO OF CAR…MOUNTAINS): Up early, had breakfast, checked temperature. A robust FIFTEEN BELOW ZERO! Huh. Decide even I do not withstand to ski in this. Nice day but c’mon! Go to start car… low, dispirited moan. Car has lost will to drive. AAA on the way. Sigh. But a wonderful weekend all the same.

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  1. Holly VanLeuven

    My bad! Mad River is still Mad River and Sugarbush is still Sugarbush…both are in Vermont. xoxoxo Holly

  2. Holly VanLeuven

    Hi Chris,
    So sorry to hear about the knee but chances are that you’ll be able to do more of the things you love to do with the bionic knee.
    Reading your blog about the ski trip, I think you may realize by now that Sugarbush is in Vermont, not Maine. Or maybe you were skiing at Sugarloaf in Maine. Sugarbush is close to Middlebury where I went to college…it used to be called Mad River and was just enough closer to school than Stowe to make it my go-to ski hill during the week.
    If you are going on that June bike/boat trip you’ll be having that knee surgery sooner than later. I hope it all goes well for you. How is the other knee?
    Until later,

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