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Join Me on the Rhone this June (Bike and Boat with B&R)

This June (2nd thru 9th) Hilly and I are going biking and boating up the Rhone from Avignon to Lyon with our good friends at Butterfield. Hope a couple of you will join us. They have two slots open (only for a few days). Contact B&R at 800-678-1147; info@butterfield.com. Time is of the essence.
We’d love to have the company of a couple of pals. And for YNY fans, I’ll be doing a talk or two. C’mon. It’ll be a unique treat. I’ve biked this area a lot and it is my favorite biking in the world. Add a fine boat…oh, boy!
– Chris
PS – George Butterfield has been a good friend forever. He bought 2,000 copies of YNY on day one, long before anyone knew it would sell millions. And his company is simply the best exercise/touring company in the world. By a mile. I’d know.

You can find the Rhône River Cruise Biking 2019 brochure here: Rhone River Cruise Biking Brochure

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