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It’s day four in Sao Paulo and what a wild trip. Three talks a day, some in very poor areas, some in health clubs, some in the middle of nowhere. Interesting country…maybe 25% speak some English but it’s hard going. The nicest part: this must be the most LIMBIC country on earth. Everyone is constantly touching everyone else. Couples kiss more or less endlessly in restaurants and on the street. Wild. And they seem to be remarkably cheerful and nice to one another. Even baggage handlers – not a notoriously happy group – are smiling and cheerful. There is a lot of crime too, I am warned, but they sure are cheerful about it.

Contrasts between rich and poor are as advertissed. This morning went to an aborted TV shoot in a scary bario (lots os stuff does not come off as scheduled)…then moved into a new hotel…as fancy as any in New York. Lots of gyms here but only about 30% of the population can afford them. Only 5% of the 30% joins. Still, our message seems to go down well and the book is selling. We’ll see.

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