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The leaves are in full color up here in the Berkshires. We have had house guests all weekend…lots of biking in perfect weather…lots of cooking for big gangs (8 on Saturday night, 14 last night). It’s nice in the Berkshires, year round, but never better than right now. Biked 36 miles on Friday…the regular 18 mile loop yesteday with pals…some good bikers, some not. Here’s a nice bit: my “recovery rate” yesterday was a robust 47 bpm. That means that I am back in good aerobic shape, after some dips on the road. Good. Still…am showing the white flag on rowing the Head of the Fish. My pal and I have not had enough time to row. And it is too damned cold in the early morning, when you have to row to practice (40 degrees and less). So…on to the preps for Henley in the spring. Now it’s skiing.

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