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Here’s a blog that has nothing to do with nothing, except the good life and limbic treats. A wonderful woman named Janet Marie Smith is THE great architect of ball parks (Camden Yards, Fenway modernization) and a friend. She got me and my pal Walter (the ex homicide cop and weight trainer) tickets to The Green Monster for game five in Boston last night.
Fenway, as you may know, is the coziest park in baseball, Boston fans are devoted and this was a make or break game. For six and a half innnings it was horrible: Boston down 7-0 and their year at an end. Then a couple of home runs… a great crowd and suddenly it’s the best game of the year. Sox win with a walk off hit in the ninth, 7-8. The whole crowd stayed almost the whole game…even though it was depressing. And cheered and cheered, even when it was plenty bleak. And was rewarded with the best game most of us have ever seen. Just another note from the long road.

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