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I return to a theme…the utter importance of getting good gear. Went biking today with the doc who saved my wife’s life (see Note from Chris on the Home Page today). We took out my two Serotta’s, one from 1984 and one from today. And we each rode each bike. Bear in mind that they were each the best bikes that money could buy at the time they were bought. And they’re still both great today.
But the doc and I agreed, they were night and day. Bikes – including top end Serottas – have gotten radically better.
I cannot tell you how often someone tells me, “Oh, I have a terrific bike in the attic” or whatever. “It’s perfectly good.” NO, IT’S NOT! DAMN IT. THINGS CHANGE. GET DECENT GEAR. IT WILL KEEP YOU BIKING…SKIING…ROWING. So do it!

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