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I got a call from the staff of a guy named Neal Boortz whom I did not know but who is roughly the third most popular talk guy on radio…a Libertarian and a conservatiev (as I am not). He read and was nuts about YNY and asked me to come on the show this morning (he rarely has guest, I am told). So today he and I talked on air for half an hour…lovely-seeming guy and deeply sold on the book.
And guess what: the book went from somewhere in the 800’s to Number Fifteen on Amazon! Well, well. Welcome to the Revolution, Neal! And thanks a lot!
My wife Hilary pulled these rankings. And mentioned that her book is at a robust Number 869,370 on Amazon. Which is not quite right. It is a remarkable book with her story of breaking her own neck – and damn near dying – ten years ago. And some astonshing portraits she has done of others who wound up in wheel chairs. Including an amazing Iraq War vet and many others. Go take a look. It really is terrific.

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