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Get Out The Door

The temperature soared into the upper fifties yesterday and I grabbed my bike and did a lovely 20 mile ride. Social distancing out doors is not hard up here: I saw maybe six people the whole time.
What I did see when I got home was a huge bobcat. I was too slow with the camera, but the shot of the front of a car etc. shows the bobcat as a whitish blob at the edge of the lawn. He was very stocky … must have weighed sixty or seventy pounds. Scary sucker. Those guys are tough.
The other pic (above) is just another roadside shot of the ride. No color yet but still beautiful.
Exercise is key during this time: gyms are closed but you can still hike and bike. And do modified strength stuff at home. Great for health and really great for mood, which may be sinking a bit just now.
Here’s another shot of home-quarantining: Hilly in the living room in the Berkshires. She did the two paintings on the sides. The middle one is a Paul Jenkins. He was a close childhood friend of Hilly’s father in rural Kansas. He went to Paris eventually and was a serious success. A couple of farm boys who went around the world and did OK.

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