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One of the chapters in a new book will probably be just this, Getting Over It. And it will be about getting over an injury, a sickness, whatever. The point is that all of us are going to get hurt, get sick, as we get older. And recovery is very different from when you were a kid. It takes forever. I was reminded of it today when, for the first time in years, I was able to leg press the same amount of weight I had routinely pressed all the time, before I hurt my hip and had an operation.

The great question, a smart doctor warned me, is whether you keep on working at it and recover at all. Or just decide, Well, I;m old. And the hell with it.Having been at this present seige for years now, I rejoice to see what looks like the end of it. But I understand – as I would not have before – the temptation to say the hell with it. Not a good idea but – if you have a serious illness or injury and if you decide to fight it – realize in your mind what a big deal it is. And make a really big resolution. You may need it.

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