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These stories get boring, I’m afraid. But I have to say – yet again – how great it is to go out and bike when it’s “too cold.” It was in the low 30’s up in the Berkshires…but bright sun and nice. The great peril: your naughty bits get cold… after all, it is about freezing and you are going to add 15-25 miles of wind-chill as you bike. Can get cold. My answer: put on a regular pair of bike shorts… then a pair of long-legged, warm bike pants. Up top, under-armor…then something wooly. Then a killer wind-breaker. Easy-peasy 20 miles… Had a great ride.

Meeting with some POLAR people next week so was careful to check my recovery rate: 46 beats per minute, down from 57, my max today. That’s boastable, I think. See what the Polar guy says.

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