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We’re up in Wolfeboro N.H. on an island in Lake Winnipesauke for the Fourth. Ancient childhood home …lots of family in adjacent camps…lots of small boats, swimming, biking. This part of the world is not Cool, except for one thing: we are up to our armpits in family and natural beauty. There are occasiional lumps and bumps – we turn out not to be perfect, all of us – but it is a major Limbic Fix. Such a break in this disassociative age to have a place that we’ve all been coming to since the year we were born and where there are still dozens of family members. SUCH a treat and worth hideous expense (for a place that’s hard to get to and costs a fortune to keep from slidiing into the lake). There are three generations here, in swarms, and before a hell of a long time, it will be four. A teeny bit of advice: staying in touch with family is worth a lot of trouble…even those who are not perfect. We were built for it and it sustains us.

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