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Going South

The caption can be read two ways. First, Hilly and I went south on vacation for the first time ever  (to Lyford Cay in the Bahamas), as opposed to our regular trips West, to ski.

It can also be read to suggest that the two of us are “going south”…that is, falling apart. And that our failure to ski is a dark sign.

Lyford Cay is perhaps a hair too fancy for us but it sure was beautiful, the water was glorious and the weather perfect. Our hosts were superb. Wonderful trip. BTW, tried a paddle board…first time. Great for balance. We also led an exercise class. On the shore. And that’s me swimming (water warmer than what Channel swimming daughter likes)

So…are we now so old that we are going to go south instead of skiing? Well, no. Not quite yet.
We actually skied in Aspen in January (for the first time in 30 years, the snow was awful; it’s better now but not the usual).  So we keep our record of going to Aspen every winter since 1973. AND – barring some hideous event – we’ll be back for a month next year.

Breakfast is served

Why? First, because it’s the most fun we ever have. I am slowing down, natch, but it is still my favorite. Second, it’s a teeny bit hard and getting harder. And I have the irrational view that it’s a good idea to stick with the hard stuff as long as you can bear it. To, you know… keep yourself alive. Will there come a time? Obviously. Is it now? Nope.  See you in the West. Maybe the South too.

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